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Qianfeng FANG

Dr. Prof. Qianfeng Fang (Q.F. Fang), the director of the Laboratory of Internal Friction & Defects in Solids, Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP), CAS. He received his PhD degree from ISSP in 1989.

Research interests
1) High damping materials:
High damping materials with appropriate mechanical properties and high damping capacity are widely demanded in the field of noise elimination and vibration reduction, especially in navigation and aviation. The ongoing researches in the Lab focus on the preparation and characterization of Mn-Cu based high damping alloys and the Al, Cu, Mg-based composite damping materials.
1) Plasma facing materials:
Developments of novel nuclear devices call for high performance materials which can survive in the extreme service conditions. The ongoing researches in the lab focus on the preparation and characterization of W-based materials which are the candidate plasma facing materials applied in future fusion devices. The new synthesis methods, mechanical properties, thermal shock resistance, irradiation resistance are specially concerned.

Education background
1989 Ph.D. ISSP, CAS
1985 M.S. ISSP, CAS
1982 B.S. Department of Physics, Zhongshan University

Working experiences
2009- present: joint professor at University of Science and Technology of
China (USTC)
1997- present: Professor at ISSP,

Postdoc and graduate student positions are available in the lab. Students and
postdocs with strong background in materials sciences, chemistry and physics are very welcome, especially those with hand-on experiences in materials preparation are highly preferred. If interested, please send your CV to

Contact Information
Tel: +86-551-65591459
Mailing Address:
Institute of Solid State Physics, CAS
350 Shushan Hu Road
Hefei, Anhui Province 230031, PRC

Selected Publications
1) Z.M. Xie, R. Liu, Q.F. Fang, Y. Zhou, X.P. Wang, C.S. Liu, “Spark plasma sintering and mechanical properties of zirconium micro-alloyed tungsten”, J. Nucl. Mater. 444 (2014) 175-180.
2) Y. Zhou, Q.X. Sun, Z.M. Xie, R. Liu, X.P. Wang, Q.F. Fang, C.S. Liu, “The microstructure and microhardness of W–5wt% Cr alloy fabricated by spark plasma sintering”, J. Alloys and Comp. 585 (2014) 771-775.
3) R. Liu, Z.M. Xie, T. Hao, Y. Zhou, X.P. Wang, Q.F. Fang, and C.S. Liu, “Fabricating high performance tungsten alloys through zirconium micro-alloying and nano-sized yttria dispersion strengthening”, J. Nucl. Mater. 451 (2014) 35–39.
4) X. P. Wang,  Y. X. Gao, Y. P. Xia, Z.  Zhuang, T. Zhang, Q. F. Fang, ”Correlation and the mechanism of lithium ion diffusion with the crystal structure of Li7La3Zr2O12 revealed by an internal friction technique”, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 16 (2014) 7006.


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