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Changsong LIU

Dr. Changsong Liu (C.S. Liu), the deputy director of the Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Director of the Key Laboratory of Materials Physics, CAS.

Research interests
Fusion energy, as one of the most promising way to solve the energy problem, has long been limited by the performance of nuclear materials, especially the Plasma Facing Materials (PFMs). One key problem of PFMs research is to understand the mechanism of irradiation damage in materials by the high energy particles that leads to the degradation of materials and further guide to design the irradiation resistant materials. The ongoing researches in the lab focus on the irradiation effects and self-healing mechanisms of nuclear materials by using multi-scale simulation programs as well as the design of radiation-resistant materials with high performance. The primary simulation methods include first-principles and self-developed temperature-accelerated molecular dynamics, cluster expansion method based on first-principles as well as Kinetic Monte Carlo method.

Graduate student and postdoc positions are available in the lab. Students and postdocs with strong background in condensed matter physics as well as materials physics and engineering are very welcome.

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