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Huijun ZHAO

Professor Huijun Zhao

Director of Centre for Environment and Energy nanomaterials, Institute of Solid State Physics, CAS. He has expertise in field-based sensing systems, water quality monitoring techniques, water source control and management, photocatalysis and photoelectrocatalysis, functional materials for environmental and energy applications. The development of environmental and energy nanomaterials is one of his current research focuses.

Current Research Activities
• Energy
 New generation photoanodes for high performance solar cells
 Metal, metal oxide and graphitic carbon-based electrocatalysts for fuel cells and solar cells
 Perovskite-base thermochemical intermediates (catalysts) for tow-step solar fuel production
 Inorganic-biological hybrid artificial catalysts for photosynthesis
 Catalysts for biomass conversion
 Cathode and anode materials for Li-ion batteries
• Environmental and Water
 In situphotocatalytic and photoelectrocatalytic generation of bactericides for instant inactivation and rapid decomposition of waterborne pathogens
 Oxidative degradation of organic and biologicalcontaminants for wastewater and drinking water treatment
 Superior ion-uptake materials for capacitive deionization desalination
 Biomass conversion and transformation
 New generation multiple  membrane system for biohazards (bacteria and virus) removal
 New analytical principles/instruments for field-based (online, onsite or in situ) water quality monitoring:
 Artificial mediator-based rapid biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) assay
 Natively incubated bioreactor-based rapid BOD assay
 Natively incubated bioreactor-based toxicity assay
 Photoelectrocatalysis-based rapid chemical oxygen demand (COD) assay (PeCODTM)
 New sensing probe for portable onsite/in situ COD determination
 ‘Universal’ detector for organic compounds
 New generation DGT method forin situ continuous determination of nutrients (N&P) for large scale environmental assessment
 Real-time event detection system for wastewater and drinking water source control and management.

Postdoctoral positions, M.S. and Ph.D students who are interested in environmental and energy nanomaterials are highly welcomed.


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