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Fusheng HAN

Fusheng HAN

Research interests
1. Porous metals and metallic foams;
2. High damping materials;
3. Special alloys used in space technology or nuclear fusion apparatus.

Education background
1978.2-1982.2 Hefei University of Technology, Bachelor of Engineering
1982.3-1984.9 University of Science and Technology Beijing, Master of Engineering
1995.9-1997.12 Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, PhD

Work experiences
1984.10-1995.8, Associate professor, Hefei University of Technology;
1997.12-present, Professor of Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The posts for postdoctoral positions and postgraduate students are available in the lab. Students and  postdocs with research background in material science and engineering are particularly welcomed. If interested, please send your CV to

Contact Information
Tel: +86-551-65591435
Mailing Address:
Institute of Solid State Physics
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Science Island

Selected Publications
1. X. Wang, F. S. Han, X. Wei, X. F. Wang, Microstructure and photocatalytic activity of mesoporous TiO2 film coated on an aluminum foam, Mater Lett, 64(2010), 1985
2. Y. J. Li, X.Wang, X.F. Wang, Y. L. Ren, F. S. Han, C. Wen, Sound absorption characteristics of aluminum foam with spherical cells, J. Appl. Phys., 100(2011),  113525(1-7).
3. X. F. Duan, D. Wang, K. Wang, F. S. Han, Twinning behaviour of TWIP steel studied by Taylor factor analysis, Phil. Mag. Lett., 2013, 776185
4. Y. L. Ren, K. Wang, B. Zhu, X. F. Wang, X. F. Wang, F. S. Han, Synthesis of ZnO micro-rods on the cell walls of open celled Al foam and their effect on the sound absorption behavior, Mater. Lett. 91 (2013), 242
5. K. Wang, Z. D. Li, Y. J. Huang, D. Wang, F. S. Han, Tensile yield behavior of Fe–30Mn–3Al–3Si twining-induced plasticity steel, Mater. Sci. Eng. A638(2015), 1
6. D. Wang, K. Wang, M. Luo, J. Z. Yang , F. S. Han, Microstructure evolution and strain hardening behavior during plastic deformation of directionally solidified twinning-induced plasticity steel, Mater.and Design 66 (2015), 627
7. D. Wang, K.ang, Z. D. Li, X. F. Wang, X. Wang, F. S. Han , Improved mechanical properties of a twinning-induced plasticity steel prepared by directional solidification, Mater. Sci. Eng. A636(2015), 396
8. Z. M. Shi, F. S. Han, The microstructure and mechanical properties of micro-scale Y2O3 strengthened 9Cr steel fabricated by vacuum casting, Mater. and Design 66 (2015) 304-308
9. X Wang, K. Wang, Z. D. Li, X. F. Wang, D. Wang, F. S. Han, Synthesis and mechanical properties of bulk Al76Ni8Ti8Zr4Y4 alloy fabricated by consolidation of mechanically alloyed amorphous powders, J Alloys and Compounds 632 (2015) 617
10. Z. M. Shi, J. B. Cao, F. S. Han, Preparation and characterization of Fe–Al intermetallic layer on the surface of T91 heat-resistant steel, J Nuc. Mater. 447 (2014) 77

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