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Xiaoying QIN

Dr. Xiaoying QIN (X.Y. Qin), a senior professor of Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP) and deputy director of fifth laboratory of ISSP , Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). After he was selected a "Hundred Talents Program" researcher of CAS in 2000, His main interested research areas include: nanomaterials, energy materials and energy technologies. The current researches mainly involve thermoelectric materials and energy conversion and energy storage technology.

Research interests
Thermoelectric (TE) materials have captured extensive attention because of their potential use in direct thermal-to-electrical energy conversion and solid-state refrigeration. The performance of thermoelectric materials can be quantified by a dimensionless figure of merit ZT. Currently, ZT value is too low to be used in a large scale. Hence, it is a great challenge how to raise their ZT value. In addition to enhancing phonon blocking by nanostructuring and nanocompositing, we try, for example, to design material systems with special interface potentials to intensify energy-dependent scattering (energy filtering) to elevating thermopower so as to raise their power factor and ZT value. Besides, we try, for instance, to introduce in the hosts special dopants that not only improve carrier concentration and inhibit lattice thermal conductivity but also causes resonant distortion of electronic density of state (DOS) to enhance thermopower so as to raise their power factor and ZT value. In summary, through improvements and designs of microstructural and electronic structures of the host materials we make great efforts to allow ZT of traditional thermoelectric material systems to achieve larger and larger values.      

Educational background
(1)1982, B.S. Degree, Anhui University (solid state physics),
(2)1987, MS Degree, Institute of Solid State Physics, Academia Sinica (solid state physics).
(3)1997, Ph.D. Institute of Solid State Physics, Academia Sinica (condensed matter physics) .

Work experiences
(1)1982-1984, junior researcher in Institute of Metal Research (Shenyang), Academia Sinica;
(2)1987-1998, assistant professor/associate professor deputy in Institute of Solid State Physics, Academia Sinica;
(3)1998-1999, postdoctor research in Hanyang University of Korea;
(4)1998-2000 Humboldt fellow in University Muenster of Germany;
(5)2000-  A senior professor in Institute of Solid State Physics, Academia Sinica;

Postdoctoral and graduate student positions are available in the lab. Students and postdoctors with strong backgrounds in solid state physics and material sciences are very welcome, especially those with direct experiences in researches in thermoelectric materials are highly preferred. If interested, please send your CV to:

Contact information
Address:Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of sciences, 230031 Hefei, P.R. China

Recent selected publications
[1]Yuanyue Li, Di Li, Xiaoying Qin*, Xiuhui Yangb Yongfei Liua Jian Zhang, Yunchen Dou, Chunjun Song and Hongxing Xin, Enhanced thermoelectric performance through carrier scattering at heterojunction potentials in BiSbTe based composites with Cu3SbSe4 nanoinclusions
J. Mater. Chemistry C, 7045 ( 2015)
[2]B. J. Ren, M. Liu, X. G. Li, X. Y. Qin*, D. Li, T. H. Zou, G. L. Sun, Y. Y. Li, H. X. Xi1, and J. Zhang,Resonant distortion of electronic density of states and enhanced thermoelectric performance through Gd-doping in β-Zn4Sb3
J. Mater. Chem. A, 11768 (2015)
[3] G.L. Sun, L.L. Li, X.Y. Qin*, D. Li, T.H. Zou, H.X. Xin, B.J. Ren, J. Zhang, Y.Y. Li, X.J. Li, Enhanced thermoelectric performance of nanostructured topological insulator Bi2Se3. Applied Physics Letters 106, 053102 (2015).
[4] T.H. Zou, X.Y. Qin*, D. Li, G.L. Sun, Y.C. Dou, Q.Q. Wang, B.J. Ren, J. Zhang, H.X. Xin, Y.Y. Li, Simultaneous enhancement in thermoelectric power factor and phonon blocking in hierarchical nanostructured beta-Zn4Sb3-Cu3SbSe4. Applied Physics Letters 104, 013904 (2014).
[5] J. Zhang, X..Y. Qin*, D. Li, H. Xin, C. Song, L. Li, X. Zhu, Z. Wang, G. Guo, L. Wang, Enhanced thermoelectric performance of CuGaTe2 based composites incorporated with nanophase Cu2Se. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2895 (2014).
[6] Q.Q. Wang, X.Y. Qin*, D. Li, T.H. Zou, Enhancement of thermopower and thermoelectric performance through resonant distortion of electronic density of states of beta-Zn4Sb3 doped with Sm. Applied Physics Letters 102, 154101(2013).
[7] M. Liu, X.Y. Qin*, Enhanced thermoelectric performance through energy-filtering effects in nanocomposites dispersed with metallic particles. Applied Physics Letters 101, 132103 (2012).
[8] X.H. Yang, X.Y. Qin*, Giant scattering parameter and enhanced thermoelectric properties originating from synergetic scattering of electrons in semiconductors with metal nanoinclusions. Applied Physics Letters 97, 192101 (2010).

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