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Fuhai SU

Dr. Fuhai SU, the professor of the Institute of Solid State Physics, CAS

Research interests:
We focus on the investigations of ultrafast photophysics in solid state materials. Unravelling ultrafast dynamics of quasiparticles and collective excitations such as exciton, phonon, polaron, charge density wave, etc. have fundamental significances on the condensed state physics and materials science. We have been devoted to developing leading-edge ultrafast spectroscopies including time-resolved Terahertz spectroscopy, transient absorption spectroscopy, infrared supercontinuum spectroscopy, as well as their combinations with extreme high-pressure condition above 200 GPa. Using these experimental techniques, we aim to explore the ultrafast non-equilibrium phenomena with sub-picosecond time resolution and broad spectrum range from visible to Terahertz in two-dimensional semiconductors, topological insulators, Weyl semimetal.  


Graduate students are highly welcome. Strong background in physics or optics is a plus.

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