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Haimin ZHANG

Dr. Haimin Zhang

Research Interests
Biomass is one of the most abundant renewable resources on planet. In China, just the agricultural activity alone annually produces over 700 million tons of straw-based biomasses. Other than small portion being effectively utilized, the vast majority of such agricultural by-products are consumed via burning or natural degradation, which not only wastes valuable resources but also causes serious environmental pollution due to the huge amount of green-house gases generated during the burning and natural degradation processes. Therefore, the development of enabling technologies to convert/transform biomass into valuable functional materials is not only benefit the environment but also critically important for sustainable development. The ongoing researches in the lab are mainly focused on transforming straw-based biomasses into high performance environmental and energy carbon materials and developing economic and environmental friendly catalysts for high-efficiency transformation of biomasses.

Postdoc and graduate student positions are available in the lab. Students and postdocs with strong background in chemistry, material chemistry, electrochemistry, and catalysis are very welcome.


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