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 [ Time:2014/12/25 ]
Prof. Qihua Xiong of Nanyang Technological University visited ISSP
Author :LI Xinyang

Prof. Qihua Xiong of Nanyang Technological University visited Institute of Solid State Physics on December 19th£¬ 2014. He gave a lecture entitled ¡°Tailoring Artificial Plasmonic Nanostructures to Visible-Near IR Regime: Towards Versatile and Ultrasensitive Plasmonic Biosensors¡±. Prof. Yue Li hosted the meeting.
In the talk, Prof. Xiong presented his recent effort of pushing artificial plasmonic nanostructures to visible-near infrared regime by nanofabrication. By intelligent design and tuning of the fundamental unit (bow-tie antenna, split-ring resonator or nanorod arrays) and arrangement, such, the Ag- or Au-based ¡°metamaterials¡± could be resonant at visible-near infrared frequency regime, on either opaque rigid substrates like silicon or glass or transparent plastic substrates. Prof. Xiong also showed that such photonic devices provided unconventional advantages in ultrasensitive detection of chemical and biological species, based upon both the frequency shift of the resonance due to local effective refractive index change and the surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy signal, which carries the molecular fingerprint information. A wide range of analytes could be detected, such as DNA molecules, cancer markers, food and drink contaminants (plasticizers and melamines), and heavy metal ions. Prof. Xiong¡¯s works suggest the extremely bright future of top-down metamaterials towards plasmonic sensing platform that implement the conventional colloidal particle approaches.
After the talk, the researchers in ISSP discussed some detailed information in his work and other scientific problems with Prof. Xiong. And some related corporations would be carried out between Prof. Xiong¡¯s group and researchers in ISSP in the future.

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