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 [ Time:2019/5/7 ]
Researchers Construct Metal-metal Oxide Interfaces for Electrocatalytic N2 Fixation
Author :LV Jiali

Chinese researchers explored a new way of laser irradiation to construct metal每metal oxide interfaces for enhanced electrocatalytic N2 reduction reaction.

Ammonia (NH3) is an important industrial raw material that has been widely used in the chemical industry and agricultural production fields.

However, traditional N2 fixation technology in Haber每Bosch process must suffer harsh conditions, such as consuming massive non-renewable natural resources, causing large global CO2 emissions.

Hence, it is very significant to develop electrocatalytic N2 reduction reaction (NRR) for NH3 formation under ambient conditions.

Previous fundamental structural studies revealed that the interface confinement effect between metals and metal oxides play a significant role in enhancing catalytic activity.

And metallic Pd not only could restrain the side reaction of hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) effectively, but also possesses a higher faradaic efficiency for NRR activity than Pt and Au under similar ambient conditions.

Moreover, PdO could easily absorb subsurface H to imitate 酉-PdH, which is a stable phase for N2 activation at operating potentials.

Based on the above, the team successfully prepared PdO/Pd/CNTs heterojunctions with a controllable reduction degree and steerable PdO每Pd interface by a facile method of laser irradiation.

Electrochemical tests proved that PdO/Pd/CNTs irradiated for 10 min possessed the optimal value of PdO每Pd interface and exhibited the highest NRR performance.

This work may help to understand the interfacial interaction of heterojunctions in NH3 synthesis from N2 and water, and give a guidance to improve the activity and stability of NRR catalysts.

This research was supported by National Basic Research Program of China, Instrument Developing Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Link to the paper: Construction of PdO每Pd Interface Assisted by Laser Irradiation for Enhanced Electrocatalytic N2 Reduction Reaction

Schematic illustration of the construction of PdO/Pd/CNTs by laser irradiation. (Image by LV Jiali)


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