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 [ Time:2017/1/24 ]
ISSP Two Foreign Experts Attended Meeting of State Council
Author :WANG Yuan

Premier Keqiang LI meets the delegates of foreign experts who are working in China in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on January 20th, 2017. Prof. Alexander Goncharov and Prof. Eugene Gregoryanz from Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), have been invited to attend this meeting.

Premier Li said it is one week ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year, on behalf of the Chinese government and people, he wish to extend a warm New-Year greeting to all the foreign friends. Li also stressed more foreign talent is welcome to China for innovation work and business, and the government will step up support in such areas as granting "green cards", project applications and intellectual property protection.

As the key persons of Center for Energy Matter in Extreme Environments (CEMEE) of ISSP, CAS, Prof. Goncharov and Prof. Gregoryanz pursues their career at ISSP since nearly 4 years ago. With their great help, CEMEE research team made several achievements in researches of materials and minerals under extreme conditions (high pressures, variable temperatures). After 4 years construction, CEMEE as the important part of ISSP has completed an experimental platform to study energy matter at extreme conditions. It is comprised of a multitude of probing capabilities of the physical nature of energy matter in extreme environments including ultrahigh pressures, extreme low and high temperatures, and high magnetic field. In the future, the research platform will make CEMEE to become a world class research center for quantum and energy matter at extreme conditions.

This year, their participation to the meeting of State Council, is also a fully affirmation for the talent recruitment work in ISSP.

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