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 [ Time:2015/10/26 ]
Dr. Ross Howie Visited ISSP
Author :WANG Yuan

Oct. 20th, Dr. Ross Howie from Center for High Pressure Science & Technology Advanced Research (HPSTAR, Shanghai) visited ISSP. He was welcomed by Prof. Eugene Gregoryanz, "A Thousand Talent Program" member in ISSP. On the afternoon of Oct 21st, Dr. Howie gave a lecture entitled "Evidence for a new phase of dense hydrogen".

In the talk he discussed researches about hydrogen. Hydrogen is the lightest, simplest and most abundant element in the universe, and as such the behavior of hydrogen at the most extreme conditions is of vital importance to many fields of science. There has been remarkable progress in high pressure experimental studies of hydrogen over the past 5 years, from the discovery of phase IV and its characterization to the possibility of Anderson localization in dense isotopic mixtures. He also presented work that would further elucidate properties of the high pressure, high temperature phase diagram of hydrogen and presented evidence for a new phase V.

After the lecture, together with CEMEE members, Dr. Howie witnessed the commissioning of gas-loading system.

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