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 [ Time:2015/9/29 ]
Prof. Pierre RUTERANA from CNRS (France) visited ISSP
Author :LEI Huaping

During September 18-19, Professor Pierre RUTERANA from  Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) of France was invited to visit the Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP), CAS. He gave a talk entitled ¡°Orientation driven ordering and composition fluctuation in nitride semiconductors alloys¡± on the afternoon of September 18.

In his talk, Professor RUTERANA employed the high resolution transmission electron microscopy to systematically investigate the correlation of the features of the composition distribution in InGaN and AlGaN films with their epitaxial direction, growth conditions and defect microstructures, when they were grown along the nonpolar and semipolar surfaces through MOVPE and MBE. The state-of-art results are definitely important to the film growth of III-Nitride materials and the device design and performance correspondingly..

Prof. Pierre RUTERANA is the Director of Research in CNRS and the head of the research team ¡°Properties of Materials for Energy savings¡± (PM2E) in CIMAP laboratory (Centre de Recherchesur les Mat¨¦riaux, les ions et la Photonique, UMR 6252£¬CNRS). He is a specialist in the high resolution transmission electron microscopy technique and its applications to numerous materials including semiconductors, ceramics, catalysts and nanomaterials. Since he joined CNRS in 1990, he has contributed more than 300 scientific publications in the peer reviewed journals with more than 2600 citations. He delivered more than 70 invited talks at the international conferences. Up to now, he has been the principal organizer of more than 15 workshops and/or symposia at the international conferences. Prof. RUTERANA has edited a scientific book ¡®Nitride Semiconductors: Handbook on Materials and Devices¡¯, and the chapters in other 6 books. Prof. RUTERANA was the coordinator of 2 and the principal investigator of the other 3 of European funded projects. He was also the coordinator or/and principal investigator in several projects of L'Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR) and Normandie regions.

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