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 [ Time:2015/7/29 ]
CAS International Visiting Scholar Professor Mohamed Bououdina Symposium Organized by ISSP
Author :HU Haibo

The CAS international talent programme "International Visiting Scholar," foreign experts Professor Mohamed Bououdina was invited to give a lecture entitled "Micro- /Nano-Structured Materials for H2 Storage: Sustainable & Clean Energy Carrier" in the afternoon on July 27th.
At the meeting, firstly, Professor M.Bououdina introduced micro-/nano-structured materials, which is widely used in energy, health and optoelectronic devices, and then, he highlighted his group related research work, including hydrogen storage performance as well as the electronic structure of rare earth alloy and carbon-based materials. Professor M.Bououdinas report aroused keen interest in participating teachers and students, we had a lively discussion and probed into the possibility of cooperation.
Professor M.Bououdina is an Algerian-British. He graduated from French Grenoble institute of technology and Grenoble Joseph Fourier university, obtained his master's degree in materials science and engineering in 1991 and Ph.D in solid state physics in 1995, respectively. Since then, he engaged in research work in the well-known research institutions and universities at various places including Japan, Britain, France,etc. Since 2006, in the Kingdom of Bahrain, he has served as professor and director of the Nanotechnology Center in the University of Bahrain. Over the years, he worked on nano-materials and their applications in energy, health and optoelectronic devices. Furthermore, he has published over 190 papers in ISI international journals, has deep academic attainments. Now, as the CAS international visiting scholar, he carries out an exchange visit and cooperative study in ISSP.

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