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International academic exchanges
  Prof. Leszek B. Magalas from AGH University of Science and Technology,...  [ 2019/10/25 ]
  Dr. Ben van Duppen from the University of Antwerp visited Institute of...  [ 2019/7/16 ]
  Prof. Mario Santoro from National Institute of Optics Gave a Lecture a...  [ 2019/5/22 ]
  Professor Anton Fojtik from Czech Technical University visited Institu...  [ 2018/9/30 ]
  Re-visiting of Prof. Pierre Ruterana (CNRS, France) to ISSP  [ 2018/5/31 ]
  Professor Tok¨¦si from Nuclear Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of...  [ 2018/5/17 ]
  Prof. Pulickel Ajayan from Rice University Visited ISSP  [ 2018/5/9 ]
  Prof. Caetano R. Miranda from University of São Paulo and Prof....  [ 2018/1/31 ]
  Prof. Gorelik from the P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian ...  [ 2017/11/6 ]
  Two Professors of National Institute of Optics Gave Lectures at ISSP  [ 2017/4/8 ]
  Professor Frank Hegmann visited ISSP  [ 2016/12/5 ]
  Prof. Haruhiko Dekura Visited ISSP  [ 2016/12/5 ]
  Professor Steven Zinkle From ORNL/UT visited Institute of Solid State ...  [ 2016/5/26 ]
  Prof. Erio Tosatti from SISSA, Italy visited ISSP  [ 2015/10/30 ]
International cooperation
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