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Introduction of ISSP

The Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was founded by Prof. T. S. K, a worldwide well-known solid-state physicist and metallurgist, in March 1982. ISSP is a support unit to the Anhui Provincial Key Laboratory of Materials Physics, Anhui Provincial Key Laboratory of Nanometer Materials and Technology, Anhui Provincial Engineering Technology Center of Nanomaterials and Applications and the Center for Computational Science, CASHIPS.

At present, ISSP employs a staff of 192 personnel, among them, 76% have a doctorate degree, 83% are below 45 years of age and 39 are research professors.

Since 1981 and 1984, respectively, ISSP has begun enrolling graduate candidates for their Master's and Ph.D programs, and established the postdoctoral research station in subfields of physical science. It is now a training base to over 200 graduate students of condensed matter physics, materials physics and chemistry.

ISSPs research caters to the domestic significant demand and the international scientific frontier of materials physics and Nanotechnology with condensed matter physics at its core and advanced materials as the intended target while revolving around the significant demand for cutting-edge materials and its key problem of Science and Technology in the environmental, energy and aerospace sectors. The fundamental and prospective studies carried out will enable a stronger tie between basic and applied research resulting.

Research directions: Nano materials technology, new functional materials, computational physics, internal friction and defects of Solids, materials physics under extreme environments, environmental and energy nanomaterials, nuclear engineering materials and special metallic m aterials.

Research objectives:
Design of new material systems;
Development of new structural and functional materials;
Obtain original and significant research results with important implications in the fields of environmental and energy materials, physics under extreme conditions, and special metallic materials in astronautics ;
Provide key materials and technological support to the environmental, energy and aerospace sectors;
Establish a high level research base of advanced materials and high-end talents training base.


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